The legendary collection of @punksmalaysia will be talked about in the history of Malaysia's NFT scene. Designed and drawn custom one by one if 1000 iconic figures in Malaysia.


The 1st NFT projects with a public bill board exposure in Malaysia for 1 year during the NFT craze. Almost everyone saw the billboard.


Punks has been ridicule, bullied, and plagirised by a lot of haters. Pentas has banned our BNB-Chain collection for their own benefit. Hence we moved to ETH blockchain becoming independant of centralization.

On-Chain SVG

No more worrying about loosing your NFT. On-chain metadata and image are stored on the blockchain for eternity.

Optimized Pixel Coding

Each pixel will be carefully optimzed in the SVG markup minimizing storage on the blockchain. It's a coder artist's art & it's green! We're saving space!

Ethereum Blockchain

Unlike immitation blockchain or 2nd layer temporal solution designed for DeFi high frequency TX, we believe REAL NFT should be in the chain where longevity is assured.

Future Perks

Owning our punks gives great benefits for future projects and our long term dedication to the NFT scene and private access.

Project Roadmap

  • Original Punks Malaysia
  • Gacha Punks Unlimited
  • NFT.MY Marketplace
  • KBSM Collection
  • 2024 Resurrection

    We are proud to still be working on this NFT collection for the future of NFT scene. With the NFT scene quieting right now, we still strive to keep this collection alive. Future perks will be coming to Punk hodlers.